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Our New Office (and what this means to you)!

First, all orders have been shipped out as of today! If your tracking hasn't updated yet, it should update by Monday. I want to thank everyone for their extreme patience with their orders while we had to deal with our previous office flooding (3 times in one week) for the 2nd time in a year. The recent flooding damaged many of our products and some of our equipment.

As a result, we were forced to not only re-order ingredients to make all new products, as well as some new equipment, but we had to move to a new office in order to continue operating. With the unprecedented amount of rain Southern California has received lately, I didn't trust the old office to not flood a few more times. 

Last week we were able to finally move into a new home, one that will not only improve quality of life for Girl in the Graveyard, but also allow us to get orders out MUCH faster. For those interested, I am going to be 100% transparent below, and probably give a too-detailed overview for you (because that's how my ADHD/ASD brain works).

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Girl in the Graveyard Update

(See bottom of post for TLDR) I want to thank everyone for being super patient with me the past c...
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About our Bath Salts

Salt baths are a centuries-old ritual used to heal and balance. Salts are said to draw toxins out of the body, nourish the skin with minerals, remove impurities from the skin, help relieve stress, melt away tension and soothe aching muscles and pains.
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About our Foaming Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are a fantastic way to elevate your shower or bath routine. Our scrubs are a combination of a whipped soap base to cleanse, sugar to exfoliate dead skin, and coconut oil and Shea butter to leave your skin feeling silky soft.
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About the Girl - Girl in the Graveyard

About the Girl

Hey everyone! I decided to add a Blog section to the shop, because why not. I thought it might be a good place to post news and updates for everyone, when there are updates to be shared!
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