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About the Girl

About the Girl - Girl in the Graveyard

Hey everyone! So I decided to add a Blog section to the shop, because why not! I thought it might be a good place to post news and updates for everyone, when there are updates to be shared! So I'll start with an "About Me" post.

My name is Megan (she/her), and I started Girl in the Graveyard years ago as a creative outlet for my love of all things spooky. I'm thirty-something, married and a proud fir-momma living in Southern California (but wishing I was on the East Coast). I grew up moving around the country, Washington, Rhode Island and ended in California. I married a boy I met at Blockbuster 9 years ago, and he has the patience of a saint as I have taken over the entire house with running this shop. We have to darling cats who I love more that I thought was possible. Jasmine is my fat baby who will start purring the moment she sees me. And Betty White is my overly vocal goof who is eternally a kitten.

I'm a huge nerd at heart and an unapologetic fangirl, with a ton of just random interests. Most evenings (especially since it's COVID times and I never leave the house) I am in front of my computer playing video games or Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. I do have a Twitch Channel that I am attempting to stream more on. I love basically anything paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, horror and true crime. I have ADHD so I am consuming some form of media pretty much every moment I'm awake; games, television, movies, YouTube, music, podcasts, books.


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