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Girl in the Graveyard Update

(See bottom of post for TLDR)

I want to thank everyone for being super patient with me the past couple months, and thank those who had orders delayed for being understanding. I also want to apologize to everyone who has been frustrated or upset about order delays or communication problems. It has been a hectic time full of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” moments. Between illness struggles, losing a worker during our busiest time of year, vendor delays and shortages, post office issues and more, my mental health really took a hit and it became a real struggle to handle everything. It felt like I tripped and tumbled down a hill, and every time I tried to stop myself I just fell down further.

So, of course, things have to change. I take full responsibility for not fixing things sooner, and would love an opportunity to make things right. I need to get back to a place where I love doing this again- Here’s how:

  • From now on, all communication will be handled by my new business partner, Alexis at @meltscandlesco. She now handles all order packing and shipping, as well as social media and customer service. Her direct email is

  • I am going to be retiring all but a handful of items currently listed on the website. I know previously I had said only about 50 items. But doing this will allow me to re-release things in batches, as well as focus on getting new products listed as well. So if you have a favorite item, don’t worry, it will be back at some point during the year. This is to help get us back to faster shipping turn around. There are other behind the scenes fixes we have implemented, but I already feel like this has gotten TLDR. So feel free to email us and ask about them if you have a specific question.

TLDR: I’m sorry. We’re fixing our turn around and support. Almost everything on the website is 25% off and being temporarily retired (stuff will be back sometime this year). Say hi to Alexis! You can email her at


Isabella Gentile

Hi! Just dropping by to say I absolutely love your foaming sugar scrubs and am obsessed with the scent of Pastel Goth! Despite my family having some issues with their orders during the Christmas season, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and I am looking forward to continuing to buy from your lovely shop. Hang in there!

As an aside, if you need any more help with the shop you can reach out to me at my email address attached to this comment. I’d love to help out part-time if you need any additional assistance! Can’t wait until Pastel Goth comes back but I’ll be trying new scents until then. <3

Rachel lane

Fallen in love with cursed body oil. A fantastic product. Stay positive and stay exercising just 10 minutes keeps depression away. I need to practice what I’m preaching. I appreciate all the hard work especially during hard mental health times. I wish I lived locally and could help out and learn all your precious cursed secrets. I have been making my own gardenia oil with jojoba oil from my gardenia bushes. I’ve only done it 3-4 years and it excites me so much. I use a lot of oil and admire your products. Keep up the great work !

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