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Apparition • Bath & Body Oil
Apparition • Bath & Body Oil

Apparition • Bath & Body Oil


As you rub this mystical oil onto your skin, you'll feel the chill of an apparition as the haunting scent of patchouli, spiced woods, and leather seep into your senses. A whisper of powdery vanilla lingers in the air as you catch a glimpse of the elusive apparition before it disappears once more. Citrus, lavender, and ylang dance together in a mystical harmony, leaving you feeling both enchanted and bewitched. Experience the presence of the unknown with every drop of Apparition.

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Our bath & body oils are great for using on your skin, hair or in your bath water. All of our oil products are lightweight, and have a base mixture of Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Rosehip seed oil, squalene oil (vegan) and vitamin e oil.  Read more about their benefits here!

Warm musk blends with patchouli, spiced woods, leather and a powdery vanilla. Citrus, lavender and ylang round out the fragrance.

Sunflower Oil, grapeseed oil, squalane oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil, Fragrance, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Dioxide, Iron Oxide