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Hi there! My name is Megan and I'm horrible at writing about myself, but here we are. My life has always been a little spooky. I grew up in a haunted house in Washington, listening to members of my family tell ghost stories around campfires. Started hanging out in cemeteries after moving to Rhode Island and ghost hunting for local urban legends when we moved to California.

I started Girl in the Graveyard years ago, as an outlet for me to share and talk about my love for the paranormal, unknown and scary. Since then it has morphed many times while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do. And thus, we've landed here. I make spooky products, often with a bright and colorful twist. Because even though I love black, I also love the contrast of it with bright, loud, and pastel colors. 





The Girl in the Graveyard is dedicated to my Grandma Pat. She was, without a doubt, my soulmate. I grew up listening to her ghost stories, sharing our favorite monster books together and going on trips to different graveyards. She instilled in me all of her superstitions and she encouraged my love of the unknown. Beyond that, Grandma Pat loved to create, and loved to support my creativity. She would always sew and crochet, she would paint gourds and even started carving Ostrich eggs. Even though she passed away in 2017, I still know she is with me everyday. I feel her in everything and see reminders of her everywhere.  I love you Grandma Pat!