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Scent List - Floral Scents

Here you will find a list of all our current scents, and links to the products the are available as!

  • Belladonna: A complex scent that is both deep and floral. Scented with subtle white flowers of jasmine, ylang ylang and honeysuckle delicately paired with an airy white musk that imparts a clean powdery finish.
    Bath Salts

  • Blood Bath: Scented with a clean, romantic blend that smells almost antique. Scent Profile: Jasmine and fresh vanilla beans, with a base note of musk. The Tamanu oil mixed with this brings a nutty base to deepen the scent.
    Bath & Body Oil

  • Pretty Spooky: This scent has the perfect balance of floral and fresh notes
    Scent Profile: Eucalyptus, fresh air, mandarin, chamomile, freesia, and rose. It finishes with amber, palo santo, patchouli, and musk, which add a nice earthiness.
    Body Wash | Sugar Scrub